Monday, February 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

I am posting to my blog with a Samsung Galaxy Tab on US Cellular. I am lucky to be the first to evaluate the tablet for work.

I have to say that before getting the Tab I thought that 7" tablets were to small, and that 10" tablets are much better. I have to say that I like the Tab more than I thought I would.
The down side of the Tab might be the screen size, for general web browsing, I think a 10" is still a better size. I have to say in the first day, I didn't browse the web very much, so I really can't take points away for that.

I didn't use the Tab for much browsing yet, so what did I use it for?  I used the google reader app for reading rss news feeds. I found the screen size was perfect for the app. I use the Google reader app on my Samsung Mesmerize but I never found it to be a very enjoyable experience.

I also used the Tab to watch videos with my son. We watched some youtube videos and some TV shows that I converted off of my Tivo.  The screen size was reasonable for watching the videos. I converted the videos to mpeg4 using Tivo desktop and used dropbox to transfer the videos to the Tab. I like the fact that I haven't needed to connect the Tab to my computer yet.

One of the reasons we are looking at the Tab is as a picture viewer for our sales team to show photos to customers. The Tab would an acceptable photo viewer, but I again feel screen size may win this battle. I think more important than screen size might be the photo viewer app that we would end up building.
Hardware wise, the Tab is just a bigger version my phone, without the ability to make phone calls. It's reasonably speedy

I think I will have to fork the Tab over for another person to try on Monday so I am trying to use it a lot this weekend to see how I really like using it so far.

I hope to do a follow up post after I use it a little longer.