Thursday, August 28, 2008

NSLU2 Internet Gateway

I had an idea to try to setup my NSLU2 as a Internet gateway to be able to share my HTC Mogul's Internet connection when needed. I've almost had it working over bluetooth pan except the NSLU2 doesn't seem to be getting an IP address. Once I get that issue figured out I hope to have a full guide. I hope to have it setup before the next FDLLUG meeting in hopes to attempt see how streaming video over Sprint EVDO Rev A. works.


Mike said...

Hey, Tim. I'm looking to put new life into my NSLU2, and had thoughts of making it an EVDO gateway as well. Did you ever get this going?

Tim Bertram said...

I didn't finish setting this up yet, but I think the NSLU2 should work just fine for the task. I think I would be more interested in finishing the task if I can get the USB wireless adapter I have working in linux as an access point. The only problem with that is I also would need one more USB port handle the hard drive, phone and wireless. My understanding is that with a little work inside the case you can wire up another USB port internally. So when I get time again first thing is getting that wireless adapter working. If that works, then I plan to move forward with the rest.