Monday, September 22, 2008

Ubuntu, CPU Scaling, Battery life and You

My laptop was almost burning my legs tonight so I did a little looking for CPU scaling options in Ubuntu. I found a very useful page on how to adjust the power save method in Gnome on Ubuntu 8.04.

Ubuntu, CPU Scaling, Battery life and You

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last Nights FDLLUG Meeting in Review

Here is a list of things from last night to review, if I miss anything
feel free to let me know. Thanks to everybody who helped.

  1. MPTC blocks IRC, work a rounds were needed to join the "fail safe" channel.
  2. MPTC wireless issues, most of use had issues joining the network/getting an IP. Once on the network with an IP things were ok.
  3. Streaming video over EVDO Rev A. isn't to bad. (Sprint)
  4. Group audio is an issue. (headsets would help)
  5. I want a better camera
  6. DimDim might work best for whiteboard, and maybe presentations, audio and video kinda lacking yet. Only the presenter can stream a small video. Limit to 3 Audio mics and seemed laggy.
  7. Stickam had decent video and audio for a presenter, might be one of the best options to stream video.
  8. Adobe Breeze was kinda neat, was the best "shared" video experience We got 4 streams going at once everybody had the same size video window. Audio was also decent. Sharing docs was better in DimDim.
  9. I should get a headset with a mic built in.
  10. Learned a bunch about the touchscreen thingy that controls the room. It is east to use but we still don't know everything.
  11. Having more than one internet connection was nice when we started loading on the video.
  12. We could have used more time and been more prepared.

Other thoughts and ideas.
  • I had an idea that might be good to try. We have two projectors that can be hooked to two different computers, for presentations coming from a remote source we could combo a shared presentation on google docs on one screen and a stickam session showing video of the presenter with audio on the other.
  • More research about what we can do at MPTC with what the room is equipped with might help.
  • Maybe look at Talkshoe for audio, didn't have time for this last night.
  • Look for other video options. I'm sure there are other options that might have andvantages.
  • It would be nice to figure out how to record the audio/video for later distribution via a podcast.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Podcast and FDLLUG News

I added the new gdgt podcast to my listening today done by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block.  The podcast can be found at or in iTunes.  I have listened to a little over half of the first weekly podcast.  This podcast is going over things in the gadgets in the past year. It sounds like future podcasts might be more about the current weeks gadget news in the future.  Audio quality was good and the two make a good team, I think this podcast will stay in my subscription list.

I am also preparing for the next FDLLUG meeting, so far things are going ok, I think we will have enough things to test to keep us busy for a little while.  It looks like DimDim might be a good option to use overall, but we will see what that night brings.  If things go well, I might be able to wrap everything up into a podcast and release it also.