Friday, March 01, 2013

Automagic Gmail Cleanup

I have a bad tendency to not delete emails and keep my mailbox clean, but with a combination of a couple tools, my inbox has a cleaner future.

The first tool is to help manage subscriptions. is mostly a smart filter that recognizes bulk email subscriptions you signed up for.  Messages are archived so they skip the inbox and the label is applied. At any time you want to view these messages, you just have to pull up the label in gmail. also collects a list of your subscriptions and helps you unsubscribe from mailings.

My next problem is messages that I want to keep short term, but are no longer relevant after x number of days. For example tiger direct sends me the deals of the week, I like to keep that message around for a few days just in case, but odds are I'll forget to go back and delete it. Most of these messages are now caught by so they became easier to find and cleanup, but still required a manual step on my part. Today I saw an article on lifehacker about google app scripts that can do things to messages based on age.  This is perfect, now once a day it cleans out messages from my label that are older than 30 days.  I setup several other labels to auto clean also thus removing the need for me to go back and delete or archive messages.

I'm still a long way from inbox 0 but this will really help keep things under control.

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